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Looking forward to starting your plastic preform manufacturing business? Well, then you are in the right place if you are a green hand. Here would show the plastic preform solution basics to help you make the preform project clearer. 

Plastic packaging has become indispensable to the world, and the preform is one of the most popular packaging items among market as a semi-finished product made for saving room space & transport cost and withstanding the volatility of packaging market. Thus you need to learn what kind of preform you'd like to make, it's also about finding your market.

Kindly check the preform basics from the following six aspects:

1. Application

There are various applications even though all of them are for packaging, such as for mineral water, carbonated soft drinks, milk, hot-fill/warm-fill juice based beverages, edible oil, food, health and beauty, home care and chemistry, pharmaceutical, alcohol, etc. Different appliance would require difference specification of preforms. So you must confirm the appliances and find the detail requirement and industrial standards, to help making your preform idea reified, finally making the par-excellence preforms.

2. Material

Material could be different as the application; usually there are four major materials for preform:

PET (polyethylene terephthalate)

R-PET (recycled)

PP (Polypropylene)


Other bio-sourced materials (it will be more important in future)

PS: According to different applications, there are different additives shall being added too.

3. Neck Size

There are standard and individual neck sizes, so please make the research on your packaging market to find the ready neck size standard and required, and then analyze them to confirm yours. It could help you in future plan especially when you'd like to expand your business for other neck sizes. So it's better to keep paying attention on the neck size to seize market opportunity anytime.

4. Weight (size or volume or shape)

It’s about the final plastic bottles or containers blowing from the preforms. Same size but different weight or different size and weight of preforms could be made to different volume bottles or containers with different shapes. You shall find the relationships, and then you could do well for the preform meeting your customers' demand.

5. Color

It means that you shall prepare the liquid and solid feeder for colorants if you'd like to offer colored preforms which sometimes are necessary such as for some of chemistry and pharmaceutical while sometimes for charming to gain more final users.

6. Production Capacity (market demand)

It depends on your investment plan and the market demand, which could be better for that you could get pay back quicker. So general, choose the production capacity by planed equipment solution with the maximum output-to-input ratio.

And if you'd like to start your preform quickly, Taoyuan expert team could help you. It's the turnkey project - like PET Preform Molding Production Line, just tell us your idea, we would analyze project with your together, make your idea to final preform. Contact us now! We believe that it's a nice start of the long-term cooperation between us.