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Need to lower your packaging molding cost?

We have the efficient and profitable packaging mould solutions for that.

 How are the nice solutions for plastic packaging injection moulds?

Well, there will be a list of some factors which we shall consider comprehensively to bring outstanding packaging moulds with great efficiency – faster cycle time, stable production and longer mould life.

 -packaging items

a. application

Perhaps most importantly, what is it going to be used for? Such as the preform, if the final bottle or jar usage is different, the preform design will be different too.

b. weight requirement

Regarding the packaging items, we all know that the less weight meaning the more profit while the production function is met well. And there is still room for reducing the weight of any packaging items as technology is developing, so if you have the requirement for reducing the product weight such as 1 gram, 0.5gram, or 0.1gram, it can be checked if there is a way for it.

 -production requirement

a. production plan

That how you plan your packaging products’ production will show the production capacity required, which will be achieved by the cycle time or increasing the mould number or even the production lines.

b. production efficient

Considering different plans, the investor would choose different models of the factory, fully automatic production, se-automatic production, major-labor working. Which would affect the packaging molding solutions, such as mould actions design, the system choosing: the robot system, IML system, heating translating printing system, conveyor, and so on.

-mould optimization

a. mould structure

For the packaging injection mould, one of the key designs is the interchangeable mould cavity and core, because it is for huge mass production required shorter time compared to the other normal plastic products, thus the interchangeable parts could avoid the big loss of production stop due to few mould cavities or cores broken when the mould is the whole mould design.

b. stable running with shorter cycle time

It is no doubt that you would get a greater competitiveness for much profit room when a packaging injection mould is running at the faster cycle time and continuous stable working. It could be well met by the mould optimization based on your budget, anyway, the best mould is the most suitable one.

 So knowing the packaging items you’d like to get that upfront can help us guide the packaging molding solutions selection. That’s why we are proud on making quality packaging injection moulds with the greater total packaging solutions.

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