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Blowing process of pet hot filling bottle

Full automatic bottle blowing machine for hot filling (high temperature resistant bottle blowing machine)

Recently, many customers and friends are interested in pet hot filling and bottling. Now they express their personal views on hot filling based on their personal experience: compared with the traditional beverage processing technology, pet hot filling first sterilizes the products and fills at the temperature of 80 ℃ ~ 95 ℃,After capping, the temperature of the product itself is used to sterilize the inner wall of the packaging container and the bottle cap. The hot pot process is efficient, energy-saving, reduces labor intensity, and can preserve the flavor of the product to the greatest extent. Pet hot filling bottle is formed under the conditions of high blowing pressure (above 33bar) and high mold temperature (above 120 ℃). The bottle has high crystallinity (≥ 30%) and good heat resistance. It can avoid obvious bottle expansion, plate and frame collapse and other bottle deformation after filling the contents at 80 ℃ ~ 95 ℃, After capping, the inner wall of the packaging container and the bottle cap are sterilized by the temperature of the product itself.Hot filled PET bottles have the characteristics of non-toxic, tasteless, good health and safety, chemical resistance and so on. They can be directly used in food packaging, and are widely used in beverage, sauce packaging and edible oil packaging.