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TAOYUAN breaks through barriers of preform mold design with advanced hot runner technology

PET processing technology specialist TAOYUAN is using its advanced expertise in hot runners to create new preform molds that exploit the potential of existing injection molding machines well beyond current limits.

Preform producers can now use molds with non-standard cavity lay-outs to substantially raise output without putting extra stress on their machines. TAOYUAN has just produced this 180-cavity mold that fits on a regular 500-tonne machine that would normally run with molds having no more than 144 cavities – providing potential to raise productivity by 25 percent. More non-standard molds are in the pipeline, for use on smaller machines.

Users of this new tooling can chose to increase output from their 500-tonne machine, rather than running a smaller-cavitation mold at extremely fast cycle times that significantly stresses the machine, increasing maintenance costs and reducing its lifetime. TAOYUAN achieved this while taking no compromises on mold robustness: in fact, thanks to features like the SmartLock™ stack design (which delivers excellent component life), XGuidance™ (which guarantees perfect mold alignment) and its superior LongLife™ treatment, the expected life of this mold will exceed industry standards.

Stack hot
runner systems.

No matter how you stack it—two-, three- or four-level—Husky hot runners are performance-proven and low-maintenance. Operator-friendly, too. And they’re available with a multitude of sprue bar configurations.


Do you need nonsymmetrical and family mold system solutions? We offer a complete range of systems that can be optimized and balanced with our flow simulation program.


From 2+2 to 64+64 valve gates, no one has more experience with multi-material and multicolor systems than Husky. We offer the expertise to design solutions to your most challenging applications.

bar technology.

Keep your molding area clear from free-dropping parts. Our sprue bar technology features stem-to-stem shutoff to prevent traditional hot runner drool and stringing.



TAOYUAN Technology provides freedom of design to geometrically balance melt flow to each cavity

The PET preform mould undertakes Pin-valve sort of Hot Runner System Technique , this kind of hot runner system is effective in reducing part’s wear & tear degree and preservation cost, and also lower 10%~15% electric power;

  • Pressure drop is minimized
  • Overall fill balance is optimized
  • Sharp corners and “dead spots” are eliminated
  • Channel end plugs are eliminated, no risk of leakage