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China manufacturer 24-Cavity Preform Mould With Hot Runner

China manufacturer 24 Cavity Preform Mould With Hot Runner for the preform with PCO 1881 neck, is designed for the CSD drinks, the mold has balanced hot runner system with shut off valve gate, ensure there is no any stringing form on the injection gate of the performs. The cam roller design help the operator save the maintenance time of the molds. The PET preform mold is designed for Taoyuan injection molding system. The weight of the preforms is 23.5g, Cycle time is 24 Sec with general PET screw injection molding machine.

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PET Preform Mould Specification
Mould nameChina manufacturer 24-Cavity Preform Mould With Hot Runner
Mould cavity24 cavity
Neck finishPCO 1881 CSD Neck finish
Preform weight23.5g
Insert materials2316 stain steel from German
Mould body#50 steel material
Cycle time24 sec with general PET screw type of injection molding machine
Cycle time with two stage injection system and Post cooling systemNot available
Hot runner designBalanced Hot runner with valve gate system
Suitable injection molding machinesHusky, Netstal PET line, PET Master, General PET injection molding machine

taoyuanpetmould.jpgA. Capacity of Research and Development
Taoyuan company has a powerful team for research and development, which is capable of manufacturing the perform molds with one cavity to ninety-six cavities including the injection system. At the same time we can manufacture perform molds especially according to customers' injection molding machines. We also design cold parts, hot runners and other main exchangeable components to fix on the imported perform molds.
B. Mould Features:
1. Features of the perform mold. No cutting of valve gate is employed to reduce the labor cost.
2. Advanced hot runner system assures lower level of AA value.
3. Reasonable- designed cold water channels increase cooling effect and shorten the cycle time.
C. Material
1. The main components of perform molds are made of S136 material (Sweden ASSAB).
2. The mold base is made of imported P20. plate method avoids corrosion efficaciously and assures long life service of the perform molds.
3. German Vacuum stove is imported for heat treatment of the components, which assures the hardness of components HRC45-HRC48.
D. Advanced Processing Equipment
Many machine tools are imported from America and Japan, such as Machine center, CNC lathers, EDM and so on. All of these increases processing precision, good interchangeability and low eccentricity ≤0.10mm (perform length≤100).
E. After-Sales Service
Technologists professional in after-sales line and excellent credit assures stable operation of the mould.Preform-Molds.jpg1. Steel material: Mold main parts adopt S136 stainless steel, with high glossy surface finish and hardness up to HRC48-52. Mold base is chrome plated P20, and the chrome process helps avoid corrosion.
2. Self- lock and shut-off individually for each cavity to guarantee high precision and less defect of the final preform production.
3.Off-center adjustment system to ensure preform thickness difference < 0.05mm.
4. Hot runner valve gate is applied; no need to cut preform tail and it would save labor costs.
5. Hot runner: one temperature zone controls one point temperature; it would prevent the white defects on the preform.Hot-runner heater adopt ltalian technology and ltalian famous brand components.
6. Experienced designers design preform mold according to the final bottle shape; preform thickness and height is reasonably and perfectly designed to ensure the final bottles weigh light but feel hard.

Mold MaterialS136 or according the customersNo. Of CavitiesAccording the customers
Mold BaseP20 steelGuarantee Mould Life2000,000shots
Ready moldWe have ready mold for shipReady mold for shipReady PET preform mold
Injection gateHot runnerDelivery Time45-65working days
Packing Wooden boxPlastic products sampleProvide free

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