China PET Preform Molds Factory

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PET preform mold, the key point for a good performance preform mold is the hot runner system.  Our company preforms mold use Anole hot runner system which is Taoyuan  venture, absorb excellent hot runner technology to design best hot runner to meet customer’s requirement.

一、researching ability:

Taoyuan  Company has a strong researching team could design 96 cavities preform mold, could also custom preform mold according to client’s requirement.

二、Mould character:

1.Pin valve gate which do not need to cut the gate by labor    

2.Adopt anole brand hot runner system

3.Reasonable cooling system design, improved the mold cooling effect, shorten the mould running cycle time

Material choosing

1.mould steel we choose Stavax S136 steel from Sweden

2. Mould base we choose P20 steel, improved the mould anti-corrosion performance, prolong the mould using life.

Perfect size checking

Our company has many precision sizes checking machine to check mold tooling size.

 After sale service

Professional after sale service technical people guarantees the best mold running performance. Mould life could reach 3M mould shots and enjoy long maintain service.