China PET Preform Molds Factory

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PET preform mould gate system isvery important for PET perform mould. Taoyuan is a professional mould maker in China, can offer our customer not only mould, but a fine solution.

 PET preform mould sprue gate can be divided into long gate, short gate, and needle valve gate.When it comes to gate, we will think of the valve gate hot runner, the advantage of valve gate is as follow:

 1. Surface sprueless traces for fine surface processing

2. Built-in valve needle, valve needle is control by pneumatic or hydraulic

3. Timing control, the switch can be controlled

4. Sealing performance, smooth surface and high speed.

With more than ten years experience in mold manufacturing, our company adopts with needle valve gate for PET preform mould.

If you are interested in our mould, please feel free to contact me.