China PET Preform Molds Factory

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Taoyuan has its own quality control on the PET preform mold .

1. Material Choosing

For the core&cavity steel, we use S136 stainless steel, original imported from Sweden, it makes your mould maintenance very easy because no need to worry about rust issue even for many years production.

2.Mould Design

For our bottle preform molds, all the cavity inserts are independently inserted, all the inserts are interchangeable, if any parts damaged, you can easily replace it with new parts. Each mould will work for many years, but sometimes it will happen that core&cavity may broken during production. So its will be very easy to do maintenance.

3. Hot Runner System

We adopt shut off hot runner system for our PET preform moulds. So the preform produced by our moulds will be tail free, no need to cut the tail by hand. And the heating elements we are using are made from Germany.

4. Cooling System

Our mould adopt integral cooling water channel system. You can see these two big water nozzle on the top. You only need connect cooling water to these two nozzle, which make it very easy you. Also the cooling effect is improved by this way.

5. Valve Gate System

In new generation preform molds pneumatic activated valve gate system is used. Here, the most important point is standardization of the valve gate pins.

Time is the biggest cost. For the water bottle market, it is always keeping popular, if you have the idea, why not try to learn in advance? So one day, you can start quickly once you have enough starting fund.

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