China PET Preform Molds Factory

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Our bottle caps enjoy a high reputation for competitive price and high quality.

We have many different kinds of plastic bottle caps, which are used in different fields, such as water filling and beverage filling.

Oil filling and other factories. Our bottle caps are suitable for pure mineral water bottles, medicine bottles, beverage bottles, oil bottles, lampshades, etc. We can produce any type of customized bottle caps according to customers' requirements.

Our bottle cap features: it is produced by high-speed bottle cap compression molding machine, with high quality and low price, which is deeply favored by our customers. With the business philosophy of integrity and considering the ideas of customers, we have won high praise from our customers. More and more old customers and many new customers have learned our brand, which is the reason why we can succeed.

28mm 1810 plastic beverage bottle cap is used for hot filling fruit juice bottles.

1) 100% food grade new materials

2) Good anti-theft cover

3) Different neck diameters and threads (according to customer requirements)

4) We can produce different kinds of bottle caps according to the special requirements of customers

5) You can choose different colors (blue, red, transparent, milky white, yellow, etc.)

6) Hot or cold filling or water

7) Sample information: if necessary, samples will be sent free of charge for evaluation.